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Splunk can be an invaluable tool for your organization to provide powerful insights for years to come. However, installing, configuring, and optimizing Splunk for your environment isn’t an easy task. With VisiCore’s certified Splunk architects at your disposal, these tasks becomes a snap. VisiCore offers consulting services around Splunk including jump start, design and architecture, custom application development, managed instances, use case expansion and training. In addition, VisiCore is proud to achieved Splunk’s Professional Services Provider Partner status.


Splunk Advisory & Consulting

License Purchase Advisory

SIEM Enhancement & Integration

Architectural & Integration Advisory

Observability Advisory & Professional Services

Splunk Consulting Services

Log Management Optimization

Log Management Optimization

Cloud Computing & Cloud Based Managed Services

Cloud Computing & Cloud Based Managed Services

Splunk AI & Machine Learning

Splunk AI & Machine Learning

Splunk Jumpstart

VisiCore’s Splunk Jumpstart service is tailored to clients who know what they want to get out of Splunk, but aren’t certain how to configure Splunk within their environment. Once VisiCore is engaged for this typically 2 week offering, we work with your engineers to ensure Splunk is seamlessly integrated within your environment. This minimizes the time your staff must devote to implementation and configuration and reduces MTTV (mean time to value) for your organization.

Splunk Design and Architecture

Splunk Design and Architecture services offer clients the expertise of Splunk Certified Architects who bring years of combined Splunk experience and can provide clients with the know-how and expertise to deliver a fully optimized Splunk implementation without the need to hire a full-time Splunk Architect.

Splunk Managed Services

Many organizations desire the benefits of a Splunk deployment, but fear the capital expenditures associated with maintaining a complex environment and/or compliance prevents them from pursuing a cloud solution. VisiCore’s Splunk Managed Services offering provides you with the benefits while VisiCore manages the implementation, within your environment, for you. VisiCore handles all implementation and configuration concerns as well as daily operations and maintenance. Additionally, VisiCore handles the creation of dashboards, reports, and applications which frees up your staff to take action on the valuable insights gained from Splunk.

Application Development

Some of the apps available from Splunk are either incomplete for your requirements or require days of configuration to get to a useable state. VisiCore’s technologists boast over 15 years of experience in a wide variety of technology disciplines. This places VisiCore in the unique position to be able to quickly identify where the value lies in your logs/data, allowing us to create applications tailored to your organization’s needs. VisiCore can create Splunk apps or troubleshoot existing ones.

Use Case Expansion

Often times with Splunk implementations, other departments want to take advantage of this powerful tool. Many times, due to the complex nature of crafting apps and dashboards, there is no resource available to get the project started. With VisiCore’s Use Case Expansion consulting services, we allow clients to quickly analyze use case expansion opportunities including: risks, effort, and viability.

Training Services

Training is essential to the success of your Splunk deployment and VisiCore’s Splunk Certified Architects have the experience and expertise to provide first class training to maximize your investment. VisiCore provides education on the most efficient methods for searches, how to glean meaningful information from apps and dashboards, dashboard creation, as well as other custom training. Focused training can prove invaluable with successful integration of your Splunk implementation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Expert guidance for your Splunk Enterprise Deployment: Receive a professionally architected Splunk environment without the added cost and hassle of becoming Splunk certified.

Quicker time-to-value: Rather than spending your engineer’s time installing, securing and configuring a intricate product, you can quick demonstrate the benefits of VisiCore’s Splunk Expertise. You’ll be operational in your secure environment within 2 weeks or less which will reduce your staff workload and allow you to begin utilizing the full power of your logs/information sooner.

Architect for the future: Ensure your Splunk Enterprise architecture is up to the task of supporting and growing with your business.

Onboard data sources, Reliably: Rely on VisiCore to provide a repeatable and reliable process for onboarding data securely, that ensures you are getting the logs/information required, when you want them.

Working together: VisiCore ensures success by working side-by-side with you and your resources throughout the project to create a team that continues well past initial deployment.

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