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How effective is your Log Management solution? Are your logs presented in an effective and easy to consume format? Do your collection methods encompass all your logs or only a fraction? Do your log retention policies allow for trending? Are you certain your logs are secure? All to often, these questions aren’t considered until it’s too late. VisiCore’s Log Management Optimization services can provide you with these answers as well as a roadmap to gaining control of your log management solution. VisiCore’s industry certified experts bring years of experience and the know-how to ensure your solution adheres to industry best practices for log management


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VisiCore’s engineers inspect your collection techniques and sources to ensure you are receiving logs from the data sources your business requires while filtering out the “white noise” that comes with most out of the box solutions. Thereby ensuring that you are only paying to retain what you actually need.


How many times have your engineers poured over logs for hours troubleshooting an issue only to discover that the actual logs required have been cycled out of the retention schedule? VisiCore ensures that your retention schedule actually matches the needs of your organization rather than the pre-canned retention schedule that comes along with most log management software packages.


Most engineers have wasted countless hours reviewing hard to read log files over their careers but, what if there was a way to ensure that the log information that mattered most to your organization was available in only a few clicks. VisiCore will review your current presentation architecture and provide a roadmap to creating valuable and dynamic dashboards that cut troubleshooting time from hours to minutes.


When was the last time you verified the security of your log files and sources? Often times this task falls by the wayside even though the consequences of insecure logs could have catastrophic results. VisiCore performs a full audit of all files and sources to determine areas of vulnerability and provides organizations with recommendations on remediation.

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Peace of mind: Knowing your logs are working for you in an efficient and secure manner rather than log management adding additional workload to you and your staff.

Log Value rather than Log Management: Let your logs provide you with valuable insight into your infrastructure instead of becoming another tedious task.

Architect for the future: Ensure that your log management system meets the needs of your organization today and beyond.

Work together: VisiCore ensures successful usage of logs by allowing all technical teams to make use of valuable log insights in cross team coloration and tiger team efforts.

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