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Get The Most Out Of Splunk

VisiCore offers the best Splunk resources with experienced, accredited professionals acting as expert advisors for optimal client experience and results. 

Our consultants work closely with client teams, ensuring a thorough understanding of business and technical objectives to deliver implementation or managed services.

Our goal is to engage with clients to ensure that the scoped work and architecture exceed their expectations.

VisiCore offers top-tier, accredited Splunk experts, ensuring clients receive optimal results and a superior experience. Our seasoned consultants actively lead client teams, guaranteeing tailored solutions. With a foundation in IT leadership, our experts excel across all company sizes. Holding the highest Splunk accreditations, our consultants are the go-to resource for your complex projects.

Splunk Advisory & Consulting

License Purchase Advisory

SIEM Enhancement & Integration

Architectural & Integration Advisory

Observability Advisory & Professional Services

Splunk Consulting Services

Log Management Optimization

Log Management Optimization

Cloud Computing & Cloud Based Managed Services

Cloud Computing & Cloud Based Managed Services

Splunk AI & Machine Learning

Splunk AI & Machine Learning

Enterprise Consulting & Advisory Services

VisiCore focuses on transforming the way we think about, integrate and leverage technology that underpins successful business strategies. Changing the traditional view of an IT enterprise, our business approach embraces the modern disruptions in technology to assist our customers in optimizing existing infrastructures and prepare for a secure next-generation cloud-enabled enterprise.

Cloud Computing & Cloud Based Managed Services (CBMS℠)

Our innovative approach allows customers to tailor traditional IT services in a service business model to meet complex requirements across a variety of industries and compliance frameworks. The result creates a unique blend of on-premise, off-premise and cloud-based service capabilities to deliver the best fit for your business needs.

Infrastructure Assessment & Optimization

Even the best environments need some fine tuning from time to time. We provide medium to large enterprise clients with an effective way to quickly ascertain issues and potential issues within their infrastructure. We focus on gaining valuable insights into where improvements can be made to optimize your network, thwart potential threats, meet compliance requirements, and plan for growth and business continuity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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