Certified Splunk Partner

Professional Services & Reseller

Splunk Disciplines
IT Operations
Splunk Expertise
NOC, SOC and API Monitoring and Alerting
Splunk Cloud and Security Analysis with Response
Cloud Monitoring, APM and SOAR

Certified Splunk Partner

Professional Services & Reseller

Splunk Disciplines

IT Operations



Splunk Expertise

NOC, SOC and API Monitoring and Alerting

Splunk Cloud and Security Analysis with Response

Cloud Monitoring, APM and SOAR

Experienced Phantom Resources 

Splunk Cloud Experts


SIEM Replacement and Migration

Enterprise Security Experts

Best Trained and Most Talented Resources Available

Splunk Remote Managed Environment Available


Splunk Advisory and Consulting Professional Services

VisiCore provides the most experienced accredited Splunk resources available.

Splunk License Purchase Advisory

VisiCore focuses on multi-year deals that allow clients to maximize their purchasing power and strength.

SIEM Replacement and Integration

VisiCore offers professional advisory with all phases of evaluating and implementing a client new SIEM.

Splunk Architecture and Integration Advisory

We offer expert professionals that have the necessary experience and professional accreditation to provide clients with information to make decisions quickly.

SOAR Advisory and Professional Services

Our professionals have a wide variety of Phantom experiences and have achieved Phantom approval to perform professional services.

VisiCore professional have the best Splunk training and experience available

Enterprise Security, ITSI, UBA, SIEM Replacement and Phantom Experts

Contact VisiCore to assist with your Splunk Purchase or Implementation

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Best Training + Best Experience + Best Resources =Best Outcomes

VisiCore services and solutions assist you in making actionable business-driven IT decisions by giving you visibility into your core IT services and their alignment to business outcomes. VisiCore offers high- quality IT consulting and Cloud Based Managed ServicesSM (CMBS) to support your mission critical business IT services. Our experts partner with your team to leverage the latest technology developments to drive measurable IT improvements resulting in optimizing cost, mitigating risk and improving end user experience.


VisiCore focuses on transforming the way we think about, integrate and leverage technology that underpins successful business strategies. Changing the traditional view of an IT enterprise, our business approach embraces the modern disruptions in technology to assist our customers in optimizing existing infrastructures and prepare for a secure next-generation cloud-enabled enterprise.


With today’s rapidly evolving business needs and technology advancements, companies need to continually evaluate, monitor and align IT investments to ensure they keep pace with the speed of business. Optimally aligned IT investments unlock the power of your enterprise enabling a distinct focus on your business results.

“VisiCore Professionals provided for more informed purchases and implementation decisions, that have led to more value in less time than we ever thought possible…not sure how we could have been so successful without them; their expertise with purchases and professional services are unique and wonderful..”


Additional Services

Splunk Consulting

Certified Splunk architects for installing, configuring, and optimizing Splunk for your environment

Splunk - Cloud Based Managed Services

Splunk Professional Service Partner and approved Splunk Managed Services provider.

Enterprise IT Consulting

Requirements management, IT infrastructure assessments, architecture, design, compliance, implementation, testing and operations.

Infrastructure consulting

Effective way to quickly ascertain issues, and potential issues within your infrastructure.

State of Dark Data 2019 Report

Industry Leaders Reveal the Gap Between AI’s Potential and Today’s Data Reality

More than 1,300 business and IT leaders in seven leading economies have spoken: They struggle to find all their data, and while they know AI will be transformative, they’re not sure when and how. Finally, many are intimidated by the need to uplevel their own data literacy. Globally, respondents say:

  • 55 percent of organizations’ data is dark. Yet nearly everyone insists data is “very” or “extremely” valuable to success.
  • No more than 15 percent of respondents are using AI today to drive strategy, innovation, efficiency or the customer experience — but more than 60 percent expect that they will.
  • While 92 percent of them are “willing” to learn new data skills, only 57 percent are “extremely” or “very” enthusiastic to work more with data — and half say they’re “too old.”

The State of Dark Data report summarizes findings across the globe, and finds distinct differences in how data and artificial intelligence are regarded in these key economies: Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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