Infrastructure Assessment & Optimization

Even the best environments need some fine tuning from time to time. VisiCore’s Assessment offering provides medium to large enterprise clients with an effective way to quickly ascertain issues, and potential issues within their infrastructure. Initially, VisiCore engineers deploy a Splunk appliance (or appliance image) within your enterprise to gain valuable insights into where improvements can be made within a wide variety of disciplines. During the two week assessment period, details about your network are gathered and categorized by importance. At the conclusion of the initial assessment period, VisiCore engineers utilize their years of experience to craft actionable reports that allow your organization to optimize your network, thwart potential threats, meet compliance requirements, and plan for growth and business continuity.

Industry Expertise: VisiCore's technologists each boast over 15 years industry experience across a wide array of technology disciplines. Regardless of the discipline, VisiCore has a technologist with hands-on experience who can provide meaningful insight into your environment.
Easy Setup: There is no complicated setup required on the client side. Your staff simply provides VisiCore with an IP address for the appliance and begins sending your logs to the address. VisiCore's knowledeable staff takes care of the rest, allowing your staff to remain focused on their daily tasks.
Already have centralized logs that need analysis? No problem. VisiCore supports full import of your existing logs to our analysis tools.


Solve Problems FAST: Rather than wasting your staffs’ time installing and configuring a complicated product, you can sit back and enjoy the results of VisiCore’s expertise. You’ll be 100% operational in your environment within 72 hours which will minimize your staff overhead and provide results quickly and efficiently.

Plan for the future: Reporting output from a VisiCore assessment can yield valuable trending insights about required updates, changes, improvements, and capacity within your infrastructure.

Documentation: At the conclusion of the engagement, VisiCore provides your organization with professional documentation tailored to your environment which makes baselining a snap. Also, VisiCore’s unique Assessment approach provides your organization with actionable reports that allow your staff to roadmap meaningful change rather than page after page of dry log information. The following items are included in documentation for all assessments:

  • Full device inventory
  • Analysis of design and configuration
  • Traffic analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Current Risk Analysis
  • List of recommendations for optimization

Working together: VisiCore ensures success by working side-by-side with you and your engineers throughout the project rather than working in a bubble like other assessment firms.

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