LogCore – Cloud Hosted Service

Splunk can be an invaluable tool for your organization and provide powerful insights to your enterprise for years to come. However, the cost associated with the required infrastructure, as well as the cost of staff training to implement the solution, price many organizations out of the Splunk market. Enter LogCore. LogCore provides your organization with all the features and flexibility of an on-premises Splunk implementation at a fraction of the associated overhead cost. With VisiCore managing your Splunk instance in the cloud, the need for on-premises equipment and staff proficiency are minimized, allowing you to focus on the insights into your data provided by Splunk rather than the cost and effort of maintaining the environment.


Quicker time-to-value: Rather than wasting your engineer’s time installing and configuring a complicated product, you can sit back and enjoy the results of VisiCore’s Splunk Expertise. You’ll be 100% operational in your environment within 2 weeks, which will reduce your staff workload and allow you to begin harnessing the power of your logs sooner.

Scalable, Architected for the future: With LogCore, there is no need for your organization to be concerned with questions such as “Will our implementation scale?” VisiCore’s engineers ensure that our secure Splunk datacenter is always ready to meet the needs of your expanding organization.

Get insights fast, expert guidance on Splunking your data: Receive a professionally architected Splunk environment without the added cost and hassle of infrastructure and staff training.

Collaboration, cross team and partner: VisiCore ensures success by working side-by-side with you and your engineering teams throughout the project rather than working in a bubble like other log management firms.

Secure: LogCore is designed with security and compliance in mind. Data is encrypted in transit and isolated at ingest. Data at rest encryption is available. VisiCore can provide audit logs, file integrity monitoring, and reports to validation compliance standards.

Robust Log Management: LogCore provides your organization with the full Splunk feature set in the cloud solution which includes: log collection and indexing, powerful search, custom applications, scalability, security and high availability.

Pay for insights, not infrastructure – With LogCore you are paying for the insights Splunk provides rather than the infrastructure required to support the environment. VisiCore provides you with a secure, best of breed Splunk architecture that allows you to harness the power of your log files without the need to implement a complicated architecture or train your staff to maintain it.

Data Retention: LogCore’s architecture grows with your business as needed, allowing your organization to focus on results rather than the backend. Indexed data is retained for 90 days and archived for 1 full year. Expanding your ingest rate is as simple as a phone call or email.

Application Development: Many of the apps available from Splunk are either incomplete or require days of configuration to get to a useable state. VisiCore’s technologists boast over 15 years of experience each, in a wide variety of technology disciplines. This places VisiCore in the unique position to be able to quickly identify where the value lies in your logs and to create applications tailored directly to your organization’s needs to provide the most value. Each LogCore implementation includes the creation of one Splunk application to ensure your organization receives the quickest time to value possible.

VisiCore’s Proven Process

From data output to forwarding, to making sense of it all, VisiCore’s Managed Services ensure that not only is your data being ingested by your Splunk environment but, that your support staff understands the process and can easily repeat it as new nodes come online in the future. Likewise, not all logs provide meaningful insights. VisiCore has the expertise and know-how to trim your logs to ensure you are only paying to ingest the logs that provide value to your organization.

Deploy: VisiCore will design and deploy your forwarders utilizing a centralized Splunk Deployment Server. This approach allows you to centrally manage your forwarders and logs in the future as well as deploy others. VisiCore also performs deep log analysis and filtering so junk logs are removed and valuable insight is at your fingertips.

Analyze: VisiCore engineers have decades of log analysis experience which enables our team to create the best Dashboards and Reports. Our team understands what you want to see and the most efficient way to present the information in a clean, streamlined format.

Enable: After implementation, VisiCore’s Splunk Certified Architects can train your staff on the most efficient methods for searches, how to glean information from apps and dashboards, as well as how to begin to create dashboards on their own. This training will prove invaluable toward the success of your Splunk implementation and is provided at no additional charge by VisiCore as opposed to thousands if delivered from other companies.

Evaluate: VisiCore doesn’t stop here, we review your logs monthly and provide a report with valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

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