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Splunk from Good to Great

Splunk out of the box needs customization to make it great. Splunk, one of our partners, offers excellent set-up and integration services for their products; however, we have seen ways in which we can surpass their services to better meet the needs of clients. We can handle the out of the box implementations, but our knowledge and skill in customizing it to your specific needs is where we truly excel. Here are a few examples:

1From beginning to end, a fully managed Enterprise Cloud Implementation. The basic Splunk Cloud implementation leaves you with some tasks to handle on your own including migrating data into Splunk and writing needed dashboards. Our full integration services handle these tasks reducing the pressure on your staff and reducing Splunk's time to value.

2Time is money so why wait to have your custom applications operational.  We have resources outside of Splunk that allow us to reduce the standard 2 week vetting process for custom applications down to just 24 hours. We have been known to bring custom applications online as quickly as the same business day.  *Applies only to AWS hosted instances

3Web only access won't always cut it. Accessing Splunk Cloud with the Web GUI of Splunk works for most situations, the only option they provide, but there are times it's not enough. We provide SSH access to each of your servers for advanced configuration options for those instances where web only access doesn't work.*

4Attrition and aging out an old instance can be a pain. Our migration services are designed to reduce the burden on your IT staff from having to manage 2 instances over a prolonged attrition period. We complete the migration for you in short time frame so you don't lose capabilities or any historical data.

5Don't lose important data. We know you will most likely need more then the 90 days of log retention during a migration so we make sure your logs are available for a full year, 365 days.


More than Splunk


1We are certified and compliant. Our staff includes individuals with Top Secret Clearance, HIPPA, PCI compliance experience and much more. We have the specialized resources and knowledge needed for all types of projects.

2We offer so much more than Splunk. 25+ years of experience in the IT world with  large companies has afforded us the knowledge experience to be your resource for auditing, security policy, compliance, infrastructure assessments and more.

3Don't wait around to get results.  We are an agile team that is built to react quickly and can be on-premise or respond remotely in a short time frame.


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