Network Performance Improvement

Assessment of University Networks Leads to New Architecture and Monitoring Solutions


A university’s information technology office provides a wide array of complex technology services to their campus community including computing support for students, faculty and staff; classroom technology support; and telecommunications and network services. With the explosion of online learning and the university’s rapidly growing student population, their legacy monitoring solution was quickly reaching a tipping point in its ability to provide critical insight into network functions. Network failures, which significantly impacted these services and online learning, were only discovered when they were reported by the users. Lack of insight due to the legacy systems limited capabilities was compounded by the inability to determine which or how many users were affected by an outage. Additionally, this lack of insight diminished the university’s visibility into their network performance.

The university reached out to VisiCore to perform a full IT assessment and provide recommendations for a new network implementation and monitoring solution. The scope of the project included three data centers, 20 remote locations and over 300 systems. During the IT assessment, VisiCore discovered numerous opportunities to optimize the university’s existing network architecture and existing investments. VisiCore provided technical documentation and recommendations detailing evaluation of existing tools; new system set-up, configuration, implementation and documentation; deployment strategy; and a road map of how to scale the systems as the university’s system needs evolved. VisiCore also worked side-by-side with the university personnel on the implementation and training of the new systems.

Today, the university is able fully monitor and proactively maintain all their systems along with being able to comply with university board audit requirements in a more cost effective and automated manner. With the implementation of the VisiCore recommended systems, the university was able to realize the following service improvements:

  • Service outages were cut by 80% and network performance increased by 50% through proactive monitoring
  • Application performance increased by 30% and performance incidents decreased by 100% through proactive management abilities
  • Security incidents were cut by 50%
  • Alerts decreased by 120% through proactive maintenance


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